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051 - This is going to be the end of us. But we’re gonna do it anyway.

This week, we're talking about Yellowstone, The Wolf of Wall Street, Mortal Kombat Legends, WandaVision, Run All Night, Challenger: The Final Flight, Close Enough and so much more!

Our movie review of the week, is the 2020 physiological thriller - The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Michael Dorman and Oliver Jackson-Chohen. Directed by Leigh Whannell.

And finally our Peak Performance nominations are in for Edward Norton.

Come and have a listen.


This weeks episode title is dedicated to Kevin Costner for his role as John Dutton in Yellowstone - One of the hottest shows you can be streaming, and I'm just not hearing enough people talk about it!


  • 02m00s | What we've been watching

  • 30m50s | Movie of the week: The Invisible Man (2020)

  • 43m17s | News

  • 49m38s | Mailbag

  • 54m15s | Peak Performance: Edward Norton


This episode of Half Measures is brought to you by Time Travelling TeamP.


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