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In addition to his role as co-host, Paul is also the podcast's Social Media Manager. Paul is responsible for the management, content and traffic across all social media channels. Paul has also hosted an episode of Roddenberry Podcasts 'Sci-Fi 5' and featured on 'Mission Log: Live' podcast.

Based in the Wellington region of New Zealand, Paul is originally from the UK, and also lived in Canada for a couple of years. He lives by the beach with his wife and two kids, and is kind of a strange old hermit. Paul is a die-hard Trekkie, spends his nights looking through a telescope and is currently learning to speak Te Reo Māori.


Paul's super power is his ability to hide and remain absolutely silent if the doorbell rings at his house. A proud owner of all the canon Star Wars novels, Paul wrote to the Queen in 1989, asking her to consider giving an honorary knighthood to Michael Keaton for his performance as Batman. He has yet to receive a response from the Palace.

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