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Interested in hearing about TV shows or movies you should check out? Want to listen to reviews put together with minimal planning? Like the odd top 10 list? The Half Measures Podcast could be for you.


Dan and Paul are two New Zealanders who love to kōrero about TV fan theories, movies we loved, movies we didn't, the latest streaming content and so much more. If it's hitting your eyeballs, we're probably talking about it. And that's the beauty of the Half Measures Podcast, you never quite know what you're going to get.


The Half Measures Podcast has now become such a core fabric of our identities, we couldn't begin to imagine what the entertainment sector would do without us.

We can't promise quality content, mostly because the disclaimer is in the podcast title, though we can offer weekly episodes with lots of banter, way too many Fast and the Furious references and some die hard love for Star Wars, Star Trek, Guns Akimbo, The Office, Dark, Lost, Soprano's, Band of Brothers and so much more.

Thanks for checking out our website, and we hope you enjoy the podcast.


Paul Knauer


Dan Whiting