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148 - Top 10 TV shows of 2022 (Part 1)

Join us for another week of laughter, TV shows, streaming, movies and all things entertainment.


We're counting down our top 10 TV shows of 2022. The only rule, the show must have aired in 2022 (this gets controversial, but we work through it).

Without giving away too many spoilers, you can expect to hear more about shows like:

  • Andor

  • The White Lotus

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • The Bear

  • And many more...

Tune in to find out if we're in-sync with our choices and if your favourite show makes the cut. Make sure you write in and let us know your top 10 for 2022.

Come and have a listen.


This episode of the Half Measures Podcast is brought to you by our Patreon Producers: Samara King, Diana Knauer and Michael Chalmers.


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