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011 - Ricky Gervais's After Life S2 - An early contender for best show of 2020?

Welcome to episode 11 of the Half Measures Podcast! With all of this lockdown business we've got plenty of time to catch-up on all of the new content dropping on your favourite streaming services.

On this weeks episode we're discussing:

  • Extraction - A new movie from Chris Hemsworth on Netflix where he basically plays John Wick with an Australian accent.

  • The Platform - A movie about how terrible the human race is while being set in the world's worst prison - This one will leave you thinking for days

  • Snow Piercer - Yes, a movie from 2013 staring Captain America about a train and global warming - Don't pair it with The Platform.

  • Ozark (S3) - It's so good, you need to be watching it!

And... we go deep on Ricky Gervais's brilliant Netflix Original - After Life (S2). A show that's going to have you laughing, crying and making the most of your time with loved ones.

Come and have a listen.



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