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We talk about what to watch.  But where to watch...that's another big question. 

We subscribe to nearly all the streaming services available in NZ, meaning we're across the latest content out there.

Our subscriptions

Each week, we talk about what to watch across the following 7 streaming services that we subscribe to:



We regularly bring TVNZ+ content to the podcast. 

So many superb British dramas can be found here, as too can Star Trek: Strange New Worlds for all you Trekkies.

disney+ nz.jpg

If you're a Star Wars and Marvel fan like us, this is one platform where you may have no choice but to bite the bullet when content drops.

The app is not the slickest, but the content is great.

netflix nz.jfif

The reputation of Netflix maybe isn't quite what it once was, but there is still a lot on offer here.


If you like Stranger Things, The Witcher or Cobra Kai, this platform will still likely be on your radar.

If you ask us, the best streaming service currently available in New Zealand is NEON.

We've reviewed more TV shows & movies on this platform than anywhere else. House of the Dragon, Yellowstone, The White Lotus, The Last of Us, Breaking Bad & so much more.


NEON is also 100% Kiwi owned, and we love that. Subscribe here:

apple tv+ nz.png

The content on Apple TV+ is a little limited, but it's generally high quality. 

Shows like Ted Lasso, Severance, See, For All Mankind and more are all absolute standout Apple TV+ shows.

prime video nz.png

Prime Video has a huge back catalogue of older content, including movies from the 1960s-1970s. 


The new material is really taking off (Jack Ryan, 1923, etc.), so Prime Video is worth keeping an eye on.

amc+ nz.png

AMC+ is the latest streaming service to arrive in New Zealand. It's still too early to tell if it will be worth the monthly fee, but we're giving it a go for now.

Watch this space.

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