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063 - Red leader, standing by!

Updated: May 11, 2021

This week, we're talking Max Payne, Stowaway, Nobody, Creamerie (S1), The Handmaid's Tale (S4), Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S7), Fear the Walking Dead (S6B) and so much more.

We also review the 2018 biography, drama - Red Joan. Staring, Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Stephen Campbell Moore, Tom Hughes, Nina Sosanya and Laurence Spellman. Directed by Trevor Nunn.

And finally our Peak Performance nominations are in for the Coen Brothers.

Come and have a listen.


This weeks episode title is dedicated to The Handmaid's Tale, Janine (Madeline Brewer) invokes Star Wars as she accepts June’s charge to get the other handmaids ready to move. Red Leader, standing by! Bravo.


  • 01m54s | What we've been watching

  • 23m35s | Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Episode 1

  • 36m11s | Fear the Walking Dead - Season 6B

  • 48m59s | The Handmaid's Tale - Season 4, Ep 1 - 3

  • 01h01m15s | Movie of the week: Red Joan

  • 01h08m49s | News

  • 01h15m45s | Mailbag

  • 01h20m06s | Peak Performance: The Coen Brothers


This episode of Half Measures is brought to you by Mission Log Podcast & the Roddenberry Podcast Network.


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