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026 - How do you pronounce Krasinski?

Join us for another week of laughter, TV shows, streaming, movies and all things entertainment.


  • Paul embarks on another stream of the Transformers universe, Transformers: Prime.

  • Dan digs out his best walking stalk and ventures through all three Lord of the Rings movies. The extended editions.

  • Our movie review of the week is Official Secrets starting Keira Knightly, Matt Smith and Ralph Fiennes.

  • We choose our peak performances for Val Kilmer and Emily Blunt.

  • Plus we've got a tone of other TV shows, movies, news, goofs, gags and chortles to share.

Come and have a listen.


This week's episode title is dedicated to Jim Helpert. Which is a lot easier to say than John Krasinski. Kras-in-ski.


  • 03m20s | What we've been watching

  • 22m35s | Official Secrets

  • 37m20s | News

  • 52m45s | Mailbag

  • 59m12s | Peak Performances Val Kilmer and Emily Blunt


This episode of Half Measures is brought to you by Mission Log Podcast & the Roddenberry Podcast Network.

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